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Forza Motorsport Dev Is Working On Unannounced Game Featuring MetaHuman Tech

Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios is currently working an unannounced title that takes advantage of MetaHuman technology.

According to the Linkedin profile of Rebecca Lau (via), Technical Artist at Turn 10 Studios, the Forza Motorsport developer has been working on an unannounced incubation project that takes advantage of MetaHuman technology. The information has since been removed from the profile, though a screenshot can be seen below.

Forza motorsport metahuman


Lau’s resume stated that in-game movement realism for this project was enhanced by re-targeting motion capture data to MetaHuman rigs, ensuring a seamless and accurate representation of character motions within the game environment.

This unannounced project from Turn 10 isn’t the first title from a major studio that uses MetaHuman. The Initiative is integrating MetaHuman faces into the development pipeline to create realistic-looking character faces in its forthcoming title, Perfect Dark. Similarly, Bioware is using the MetaHuman technology for the creation of rigged digital character models to use in Mass Effect 4. Kojima Productions is also incorporating the technology for use in the Decima engine for the development of Death Stranding 2.

Turn 10 Studios is mainly known for its work on the sim racing game series, Forza Motorsport. The most recent entry in the series, 2023’s Forza Motorsport, is the thirteenth main installment in the series. It succeeded Forza Motorsport 7, abandoning the sequential numbering used in previous entries. The game boasts a lineup of over 500 vehicles and 800 upgrades, along with 20 newly constructed tracks, with some being new additions to the series and others returning from previous Forza Motorsport titles. New features in Forza Motorsport include real-time ray tracing on the track, tire wear, dynamic time of day, improved damage models with detailed effects like paint chipping and dirt buildup. The game also features animated track life, physically based lighting and volumetric fog effects, as well as a fully procedural cloud system.

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