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PS5 and PS4 Get New Free Avatars On PSN, Here’s How To Use Them

Sony has updated the PlayStation website adding new features like a library for purchased games for PS4/PS5. This also includes a set of new avatars.

If you haven’t managed to change your avatar to a new one, here’s how you can claim these free avatars. The design of this new avatars is circular which lines up with an earlier leak of the PS5 cold boot that also showed the UI for the console.

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If you haven’t logged into your official PlayStation account on PC, you might be required to accept the new changes that have been implemented by Sony. To access the new free avatars, you need to head to the My PlayStation website.

Once there, click on your profile on the top right corner and select Account Settings. At this point, you might be prompted to enter your account password if you haven’t logged into the website for a while, and afterward, it will give you a new set of suggestions and choices for personalized offers and more.

Once you are done with it, go to your profile on the store and select edit avatar to get the new additions made to the PlayStation Network. These are available all the way to the bottom and the way to recognize them is that they are all made with a circular design.

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We are not sure if these avatars can be accessed from the PS4 or PS5, but chances are that if you create a new PlayStation Account now, these will be shown by default.

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