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Gabe Newell Teases Valve Games Coming To Consoles By End of 2021

Gabe Newell is hinting that Valve could bring more of their games to consoles. He teased this in a Q&A session held at a public school in Auckland, New Zealand.

Gabe Newell had recently visited a public school in Auckland, New Zealand. There was a Q&A session during this visit where someone asked Gabe if Valve or Steam will bring their games to consoles or just stick to PC.

In response to this question, Newell simply said: “You will get a better idea of that by the end of this year.” This was a part of a video shared on the Half-Life subreddit. The DOTA 2 subreddit also had someone who managed to ask Gabe Newell about the upcoming DOTA Season 2. As expected, he didn’t give an exact time and just told the kid to wait and find out.

gabe newell campo santo

Valve hasn’t published any major games on Steam for a long while now. They were working with both Sony and Microsoft back during the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation but since then, they haven’t really developed and published many games. Their most recent VR game was Half-Life Alyx that is available exclusively on Steam.

Valve also owns Campo Santo who has developed Firewatch for consoles. They were working on a brand new project but the status of this project remains uncertain after they were acquired by Valve. The last we heard was back in 2019 when it was told that their project, In the Valley of Gods, is on hold as they work on other Valve projects.

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