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Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In December 2019

Microsoft has announced the games that are being added to Xbox Game Pass in December 2019. They have also revealed the games that are leaving soon.

Xbox Game Pass has a bright future ahead with more than 40 games that were announced as coming to the service recently. Microsoft has now revealed what games are being added in December and more will be released later in the month including The Witcher 3.

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While new games are constantly being added to the service every month, old ones are taken down as well. This has been the case for almost every month so December is no different here.

Here are the games that are confirmed to leave Xbox Game Pass at the end of December 2019.

  • Ashen
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  • Life is Strange Season 1
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

All of these games will be removed on the same date which is December 13. Currently, it is not confirmed if any additional titles are being removed from the service later in the month. Microsoft also adds a considerable amount of new games to the subscription service every month.

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Here are the Xbox Game Pass Quests that can be completed this month.

  • Elf Quest
    • Complete any Game Pass Quest between December 2 and 15 and get a rental of Elf on us!
  • Biggest Games of 2019
    • Earn any achievement from our Biggest Games of the Year collection and get 100 points.
  • Rage 2 
    • Complete 2 achievements in RAGE 2 to earn 200 points.
  • Subnautica 
    • Complete 2 achievements in Subnautica to earn 200 points.
  • ID@Xbox 
    • Earn 3 achievements in any ID@Xbox game and get 300 points.
  • Play Something New 
    • Earn 1 achievement in any of these new games released and get 100 points.

Xbox Game Pass is available for both PC and Xbox One and can be purchased in a bundle for both as well.

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