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Gears 5 Xbox Series S Gameplay Demo Showcases 120 FPS Multiplayer

Microsoft has shared a new gameplay demo of Gears 5 running on the Xbox Series S with 120 FPS multiplayer mode. It can be easily toggled in options.

Gears 5 was confirmed to run at 120 FPS on the Xbox Series S in addition to the Xbox Series X. While the Series S will run it at a lower resolution, Series X was targeting a 4K resolution for the 120 FPS mode. Details on the Series X haven’t been shared but a gameplay demo showcasing the 120 FPS mode was shared by Microsoft on the Xbox News Briefing update today.

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Gears 5 will support a lot of enhancements for the Xbox Series X. Earlier this year, The Coalition had shared details on the upgrade that they are planning to release for the game on the Series X. It would lead to a version that is better looking than the PC. Back then, The Coalition was still investing 120 FPS multiplayer but looking at the current demo, they may have succeeded in implementing it in the game.

The Coalition had confirmed the following features as part of an upgrade for Xbox Series X. It is not confirmed whether the visual upgrades will make it to Series S as well.

  • Contact Shadows
    This allows extremely realistic shadowing as each pixel on screen traces back to the light source to eliminate any shadow biasing artifacts or fill in missing shadows.
  • Screen Space Global Illumination gated from UE4 4.24
    This feature allows us to achieve full real-time GI at 60fps/4k.
    SSGI’s AO pass replaces the more traditional SSAO giving a much more naturalistic broad real-time AO.
  • Higher particle counts.
    Our particle counts are 50% higher than PC Ultra Spec
  • Real Time Cinematics in 4K 60FPS
    Xbox One Cinematics were 4K 30FPS
  • Investigating 12OFPS Multiplayer support

Since YouTube doesn’t offer support for 120 FPS, the only way to watch this video is to download it directly from the source. You can have a look at the 120 FPS multiplayer in all of its glory provided you have a suitable monitor or display that can support a higher refresh rate. You can also look at it on reddit but it only runs at 30 FPS it will be useless.

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