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The Ganyu Banner Is Now Live In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Ganyu the Cryo Archer is the latest five star character to be added to the massively popular Genshin Impact, and her banner is now live in the game at the time of writing this article.

But just because she’s been added to the game, that doesn’t actually mean that getting her is an easy feat. Luck isn’t on our side when we use wishes to pull for new characters, and players will have to spend a lot of time, or money, to be able to get this new playable heroine.

Her official description reads:

“The secretary to the Liyue Qixing. The blood of both human and illuminated beast flows within her veins.

Graceful and quiet by nature, yet the gentle disposition of qilin sees not even the slightest conflict with even the most arduous of workloads.

After all, Ganyu firmly believes that all the work she does is in honor of her contract with Rex Lapis, seeking the well-being of all living things within Liyue.”

Genshin Impact Ganyu Banner

Now you might be wondering what the odds actually are of being able to pull Ganyu?

Genshin Impact

Well, by default you only have a 0.6% chance of pulling a five star character when using a wish. And If you manage to pull a five star character at all, then there is a 50% chance that it will be the character that is currently being featured during that particular banner.

Genshin Impact also features a system where if players manage to make 89 pulls without getting a five star character, their 90th pull is guaranteed to be one.

So for reference, if you manage to make 89 bad pulls during the current banner, then there is a 50% chance that the very next one will be Ganyu. If somehow you still don’t get her after 90 pulls, then you are guaranteed her on the 180th pull.

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