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Genshin Impact: Stone Gate Treasure Cave Location

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While exploring the vast and beautiful open world of Genshin Impact, players will often come across a number of hidden treasures tucked away just out of sight.

These chests may just yield simple crafting ingredients and food or, if you’re really lucky, they might even contain powerful new weapons and EXP Materials. You’ll never really know for sure what you’ll find, but it’s the drive to keep finding more and more treasure that keeps everyone going.

And it just so happens, that there is a location in the game where you can find three different rare chests hidden away in a secret cave.

Genshin Impact Stone Gate Treasure Cave Location

To find this secret Treasure Cave, players will first need to head to the area seen in the screenshot below, directly east of Stone Gate and to the north of Sal Terrae.

Here, they will come across an old wooden bridge that crosses over a small crevice in the natural rock formations. Instead of just crossing this bridge as your very first instinct might dictate, take a closer look at the opening below it.

There’s a hidden area underneath that you can drop down into, and it not only contains two different Exquisite Chests but also a much rarer Precious Chest.

Precious Chests are not only very hard to come by in Genshin Impact, they also contain some of the best loot you can hope to find outside of Events and Abyssal Domains. As mentioned above, you might find some high-tier EXP Materials or even Artifacts in this chest.

This has been our Genshin Impact Stone Gate cave location guide. You can read more of our Genshin Impact guides including the Uninvited Guests quest.

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