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Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.19 Is Out, Here Are The Details

Ghost of Tsushima was updated to version 1.19 today by Sucker Punch. This update is a minor hotfix as seen in the patch notes.

First of all, the download size of this update is just 300 MB so it is quite small. The patch notes that are accessible on the PS4 only mention that this is for general bug fixes and improvements, which is not a lot to go on which is why we dig deeper into what is actually fixed in this update.

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Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.19 Patch Notes

  • General bug fixes and improvements

So what are these fixes and improvements that are mentioned in the patch notes? Earlier this week, there were reports of the game facing crashes in the Survival runs. Players weren’t able to complete the Survival runs all week due to the game crashing out on them.

As this was an urgent fix, Sucker Punch was quick to reply to one such user that asked them for an update or fix for this issue and assured them that they are hard at work on fixing it.

Based on the small hotfix that has been released today is related to fixing the crashes in the Survival runs of Ghost of Tsushima. So if you were one of the users who were affected by this issue, make sure to update to Ghost of Tsushima 1.19 patch and then attempt them. Hopefully, it should be fixed by now.

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