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Ghostwire Tokyo Devs Talk About Next-Gen Benefits, 3D Audio, and Ray-Tracing Support

Ghostwire Tokyo might not look like a proper next-generation game on the surface, but it is actually quite complex and supports ray-tracing as well.

In a new technical interview that was seen during the recent presentation, we get to learn more about the game directly from the developers. During this interview segment, the developers talked about the technical problems that they faced during the development of the game. They also shared the PS5 exclusive features like 3D Audio and support for ray-tracing.

ghostwire tokyo

The game’s producer Tsuyoshi Okugawa mentions how it was a technical challenge to develop a non-linear game.

In Ghostwire, we have a total of 2200 map segment and hundred of thousands… millions of objects, that we have to constantly load in and out. And processing all of that has been a bottleneck.

But the [next-gen] hardware helps mitigate that and our optimisations help with it too.

It’s been a challenge–but totally worth it because it allows us to express our vision throughout the game.

Okugawa also mentions how beautiful the game looks with the ray-tracing turned on along with 4K and HDR support.

It’s 4K HDR and when you turn ray tracing on, you’ll really see how beautiful the art looks in high definition.

The 4K, HDR, ray tracing–it’s a great match for the wet ground, and the colourful nights of Shibuya. I think people will be able to see and experience something they haven’t before.

Regarding the 3D Audio support for PS5, the music producer, Masatoshi Yanagi mentions how immersive it makes the game sound that it is easy to confuse it for real life.

We took advantage of the 3D audio system from PlayStation 5. The 3D audio is really amazing. If you accidentally kick or knock something over in the game, then the resulting sound will follow. It sounds so incredibly real that you wonder and look around to see if you broke something inside your house. That’s the best feature, in my opinion.

Ghostwire Tokyo is out on March 25, 2022 for the PS5 and PC. It comes with a few pre-order bonuses while you can also expect to see it released on the Xbox Series X once the timed exclusivity period expires.

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