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God of War Sequel Rumor Sparks a New Discussion On Its Game Length

God of War sequel, unofficially called Ragnarok, will be twice the length of the first game according to David Jaffe,  ex-dev at Sony Santa Monica Studio.

Sony officially revealed the new God of War at a showcase last year. They have announced another showcase for this September and rumors are brewing about a possible reveal for the game including a release date.

The game was originally announced as a PS5 exclusive but it was later confirmed to arrive on the PS4 along with a delay to 2022. David Jaffe was one of the sources which had suggested that the game will be cross-generation even though Sony hadn’t officially confirmed it at that point.

Now in a new video, David Jaffe has talked about the game length of the God of War sequel and suggested that it might be 40 hours long. He wasn’t sure if this counts for just the main campaign, or 100% completion.

While the original God of War could be completed in 20 hours for the main story, the platinum, or 100% completion could take 40+ hours. It appears that the sequel could be longer. Cory Barlog, who is the director of the first game is also working on the sequel, which will continue the story of the Norse mythology featuring Loki, Odin, and others. The game will be released in 2022 for the PS4 and PS5.

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