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Godfall Challenger Edition PS4 vs. PS5 Comparison: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Godfall Challenger Edition is a part of the PS Plus games lineup and is available on PS4 and PS5. Here’s a comparison between these two consoles.

Godfall was being touted as one of the next-generation games before the PS5 launched back in 2020, but the claim has all but vanished now that the game is also available on PC. We were the first one to report that Godfall will launch on the PS4 thanks to a rating submitted in Taiwan, and the new challenger edition that is only focused on the endgame content appears to work for the PS4 as well.

If we compare the two versions, it becomes clear that Godfall’s next-generation exclusivity was purely a marketing ploy to drum up sales for the game during the launch of the PS5. The game runs perfectly fine on the PS4 and looks nice enough while the performance is satisfactory.

The main difference appears to be in the resolution, which is lower on the PS4/PS4 Pro than the PS5. It appears to render at a dynamic 1080p resolution but the upscaling is quite decent. It runs at 30 FPS, which is lower than the dynamic 4K at 60 FPS supported by the PS5. Some of the effects are toned down e.g the number of leaves in the background. The texture quality appears to be the same while the same applies to the quality of the reflections.

godfall challenger edition

While some fans had hoped to see ray-tracing support in Godfall, this is not the case so the two versions are identical in terms of the visual makeup. Resolution and frame rate aside, we also see a difference in the load times which are near-instant on the PS5 and take a few seconds on the PS4.

You don’t need a PS5 to enjoy Godfall. It plays and works perfectly fine on a PS5. You do get some additional perks like the DualSense support that feels nice, but it is not the best implementation, to be honest as other games have done it better, e.g Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

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