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Gravity Rush 2 Remastered May Be Headed To PS5 & PC

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Japan Studio’s 2017 action-adventure game, Gravity Rush 2, may be set to receive a remastered version on both PS5 and PC.

According to an insider who has previously leaked information related to Gravity Rush projects, including details regarding the movie based on this series, Gravity Rush 2 remastered is currently in development for both PS5 and PC. This isn’t the first time the source has made this claim, though this time they have some additional details to share.

Gravity rush 2 remastered ps5 pc

According to the source, fans can expect some news regarding Gravity Rush 2 remastered in May, 2024. They said that provided everything goes according to schedule, the remaster will see the light of day during the coming summer. They also mentioned that the PC version won’t be released alongside the PS5 version, and will instead arrive at a later date, as has been the case with The Last of Us remake.

The source also claimed that Gravity Rush 2 remastered will included a “proper” photo mode. They added that one of their friends is a playtester on the project, and that they may be able to share some screenshots sometime soon. According to them, the online component, such as dusty tokens, has been removed from the remastered release. Instead, any content that was earned through online activities will be earned in the remaster via a new short side quest.

As always, we urge our readers to take such rumors and speculation with a grain of salt until there is confirmation via official channels.

For the uninitiated, Gravity Rush 2 serves as the sequel to 2012’s Gravity Rush. The game focuses on the ability of the protagonist, Kat, to manipulate gravity, enabling unique movements and navigation. As a teenage girl with the power to shift gravity, she finds herself transported from her hometown of Hekseville to another universe. There, she embarks on a mission to free the citizens of Jirga Para Lhao from their oppressive rulers.

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