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GTA V Expanded and Enhanced Delayed To March 2022

Rockstar Games has delayed the PS5 and Xbox Series release of GTA V Expanded and Enhanced from November 2021 to March 2022.

GTA V Expanded and Enhanced looks to be the definitive version of the game. It will offer improved visuals, enhanced gameplay, and seamless character switching. This was all showcased in the new trailer.

In the blog post, Rockstar Games mentioned that “players can expect a range of technical and graphical improvements across the entire experience including performance enhancements for select vehicles in GTA Online, and so much more.”

To be honest, we are still puzzled over the new content and improvements in the game. It is already possible to make the game prettier on PC through mods so the PS5 and Xbox Series versions have to do something magical to make them marginally better.

The trailer on YouTube has a huge number of dislikes and the comments suggest that people are just tired of Rockstar Games milking the same game for the past eight years.

Rockstar Games still hasn’t clarified what they mean by “expanded” for this new release. There has been zero mention of new content for this release. At least for now, the story and campaign are pretty much the same as they were on the PS3, PS4, and now PS5.

To calm down some of the fans, Rockstar Games is offering bonus cash of GTA$1,000,000 to use in GTA Online for every month until the game launches in March 2022.

Salal Awan

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