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GTA V & GTA Online Latest PC Update Improves Online Security To Fix Exploit

The latest update for the PC version of Rockstar Games’ GTA V and GTA Online has improved the game’s online security to fix its troublesome exploit.

According to Tez2 on the GTAForums, the new update for GTA V and GTA Online aims to fix the exploit that had threatened the security of those who play online on PC. The patch has addressed spoofed RIDs/names and has made invite-only lobbies more secure. Therefore, online cheaters can no longer join these lobbies uninvited.

Gta v online pc update fix exploit

Prior to the patch, GTA Online was set to establish connections directly with other players, but relays the connection if a direct connection could not be established. After the patch, the game is set to establish connections via relay servers, but only use direct connections when necessary to avoid excessive ping times. Connections are established via relay servers in order to verify the new P2P certificates.

Most players with stable internet connections, should not have issues with the new system in place. While there will be some additional latency involved, GTA Online isn’t particularly latency sensitive. There may even be certain situations where a connection from one player to the relay, and then to the next player is better than a direct connection.

Tez2 stated that those playing in the Americas will be routed back to US East Coast (New York) or US West Coast (San Diego), while those playing in Europe will be routed to Amsterdam, those playing in Asia will be routed to Hong Kong, and those playing in Australia will be routed to Sydney.

Previously, hackers in GTA Online had found a PC exploit that could potentially be used to delete the profiles of other players. This harmful GTA Online exploit has been circulated across those with malicious intent. Through mods and other exploits possible in the PC version, cheaters had discovered a way to permanently delete other players’ game profiles. Additionally, hackers discovered the ability to alter player stats and bring about a game crash.

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