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GTA V Title Update 1.54 Has Reportedly Broken The Game On Consoles

Rockstar Games released a new GTA V title update today for PC and consoles. While it is doing wonders on PC, the console version is suffering from some issues.

As reported on a massive thread on reddit that discusses this new update, the game is now suffering from crashes or outright not loading for some users. This is not just limited to the single-player mode but also applies to the multiplayer mode.

GTA V update 1.37 was released today by Rockstar for the PS4 and Xbox One. There are reports that this update is unable to install on the PS5. Obviously, we are talking about a backward compatibility mode for this update when running it on the PS5 since there is no native version for this game on the current generation consoles.

One of the fixes that were confirmed is that the NAT issue has been resolved on the Xbox consoles. Although, there are a plethora of other issues including the game crashing whenever someone tries to play the single-player mode or the multiplayer mode.

One of the temporary fixes that might, or might not work for you is to restart the console from a complete fresh boot. Although some users are still reporting issues despite restarting their console, so it is not a simple fix.

As of now, there are still reports of users facing frequent crashes in both single-player and online multiplayer mode but on the PC side of things, the load times have been reduced by as much as 70% with some users reporting that they can now boot into the online multiplayer mode within 21 seconds.

Ali Haider

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