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Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op Won’t Launch Until November 2022

The much anticipated campaign co-op mode for Halo Infinite won’t be arriving before the month of November, 2022.

According to the roadmap laid out by 343 Industries, Halo Infinite will receive a campaign co-op mode sometime between November 8, 2022 and March 7, 2023. The full roadmap can be seen in the screenshot below.

Halo infinite co-op

With the end of Season 2 drawing near, the studio sought to provide fans a comprehensive update on the future of all things Halo Infinite. Joseph Staten, Sean Baron, and Brian Jarrard got together for a roundtable discussion about the current state of the game, priorities, and player experience goals.

The video below covers the upcoming “Winter Update,” Season 3 as well as other anticipated features, such as the Forge Beta and campaign Co-Op.

In addition, the updated roadmap now features the new content coming in the Winter Update and Season 3, including new maps, modes, weapons, and armor. Arriving during November 8, 2022 and March 7, 2023 are the Forge beta as well as the campaign co-cop mode. In addition, free content will also be available during this period in the form of a 30 tier battle pass and two new maps, namely Detachment and Argyle. Other additions include a match XP beta, a new game mode called Covert One Flag, and some quality of life improvements.

Meanwhile, during March 7, 2023 and June 27, 2023, Halo Infinite will receive new Arena and Big Team Battle maps, a new weapon called M392 Bandit, new equipment called Shroud Screen, and a 100 tier battle pass. Other changes and refinements set to arrive during this period include a custom game browser, in-game reporting, VIP and Escalation game modes, new Fractured and narrative events, Forge beta updates, and some more quality of life improvements.

Halo Infinite’s campaign offers a semi-open world structure; players can freely explore areas of the environment, the ringworld Zeta Halo, which are divided off from each other and initially unreachable. Forward Operating Bases, which may be cleared of adversaries and seized, are dispersed around the area. Captured bases function as fast-travel points.

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