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Halo Reach Data Pads Location and Difficulty Guide

Halo Reach has more than a dozen Data Pad that can be found through various locations. Here’s how you can get every Data Pad.

In Halo Reach, there are some collectibles that are count as Data Pads.  The Data Pads in Halo Reach are readable and they shed light on the lore and tell you the details about the Halo Universe.

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There are many different Data Pads in Halo Reach on different Locations. Through this guide, you will be able to know the location for each of the Data Pad in Halo Reach. Each chapter of the game features at least two data pads which will be found after completing various missions. Below is the list of all the Data Pads Location.

Halo Reach Data Pad Locations

There are a total of 19 Halo Reach Data Pad that can be collected in the game. 10 of them are available on the Legendary difficulty only while the rest of them can be found on any difficulty settings. Here is a list of every single Data Pad.

  • Data Pad 01 – Legendary – Winter Contingency
  • Data Pad 02 – AnyWinter Contingency
  • Data Pad 03 – Legendary – Oni: Sword Base
  • Data Pad 04 – AnyOni: Sword Base
  • Data Pad 05 – Any – Nightfall
  • Data Pad 06 – Legendary – Nightfall
  • Data Pad 07 – Any – Tip of the Spear
  • Data Pad 08 – Legendary – Tip of the Spear
  • Data Pad 09 – Any – Long Night of Solace
  • Data Pad 10 – Legendary – Long Night of Solace
  • Data Pad 11 – Any – Exodus
  • Data Pad 12 – Legendary – Exodus
  • Data Pad 13 – Any – New Alexandria
  • Data Pad 14 – Legendary – New Alexandria
  • Data Pad 15 – Any – The Package
  • Data Pad 16 – Legendary – The Package
  • Data Pad 17 – Legendary – The Pillar of Autumn
  • Data Pad 18 – Any-  The Pillar of Autumn
  • Data Pad 19 – Legendary – Lone Wolf

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The game is available now for PC through Steam and Windows 10 Store, as well as for Xbox One. It is also a part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service so if you are a member, you can download this enhanced 4K remaster for free on PC or Xbox One.

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