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Super Mario Maker 2 Master Sword and How To Play As Link

Super Mario Maker 2 has received a new content update that adds Adventure Mode and Link. Here’s how you can get Master Sword and play as Link.

In Super Mario Maker 2, Link’s Master Sword is introduced in the Course Maker. Mario can be transformed into Link by collecting it and then you can use a sword, fire arrows, throw bomb and dash on levels.

How To Get Master Sword in Super Mario Maker 2

To get the Master Sword you will have to make sure that your game is updated to the latest 2.0 version because this item is only introduced in the latest version.

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So to get Master Sword first you will have to enter the Course Marker Mode and then select Super Mario Bros Game Style. You will only find Master Sword in this place because it’s is not supported in other Mario game themes.

You will have to find the Super Mushroom and for that use the magnifying glass in the top right corner, then select items and you will find the Mushroom on the bottom right of the dial.

You will have to place the Mushroom within the level and then change its type. You can do it by pressing the A button and hold it, and then select the Master Sword icon from the items and then it will be available in your level.

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The little bonus you get after getting your hands on Master Sword is that when you will become Link, the Zelda theme will play. A unique theme will play also when the level is finished.

There are many other ways to use Link and explore the level with Link’s different abilities. You can use your own tricks to make unique levels and play with Link to clear them.

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