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InFamous Last Light Is a Fan-Made Cover For PS5 That We Wish Was Real

Infamous series might have not made a debut on the PS5 at launch but a fan has taken the time to create this cover for a game called InFamous Last Light. Sucker Punch had a successful generation on the PS4 with two inFamous games but they haven’t announced any game for the PS5.

InFamous series made its debut on the PS3 with two games followed by a short expansion. In the case of PS4, InFamous Second Son was a launch game for it. This game was followed by a standalone expansion that featured Abigail Walker, one of the lead protagonists of InFamous Second Son. This sequel was titled InFamous First Light.

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Sucker Punch started to work on Ghost of Tsushima, which was a new IP for them, after releasing First Light back in 2014. They haven’t confirmed a brand new game so far but this hasn’t stopped some fans from wishing to see the series continue on the PS5.

The user has titled this game as InFamous Last Light, which shows that it is a continuation of the events in First Light. It features Abigail Walker a.k.a Fetch using her Neon manipulation powers. InFamous Second Son featured Delsin while First Light starred Abigail Walker. Just like past games, there was a good and bad ending however it was simply limited to a choice instead of deeply integrated into the game.

After the massive success of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch hasn’t announced any plans on what they are working on next, but they did release a major update to the game that added a free multiplayer mode called Legends.

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