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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Has Been Rated For Xbox Series X|S

Ember Lab’s action adventure game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, has been rated for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of Kena: Bridge of Spirits with a T for Teen, much like the rating given to the game on PS4/PS5 and PC. This is the first confirmation of the game’s arrival on Xbox platforms.

Kena bridge of spirits xbox

The ESRB rating summary describes Kena: Bridge of Spirits as an action adventure game, in which players control a spirit guide (Kena) as she removes corruption and restores various environments. From a third-person perspective, players traverse platforms, solve puzzles, interact with spirits and creatures, and battle corrupted spirits and boss creatures. Players use a magic staff, arrows, and small creatures (called Rot) to strike enemies and drain their health meters in melee-style combat. Enemies (e.g., human-like spirits, tree-like ghouls, giant wood creatures) attack players by using bladed weapons and explosive bursts of fire/energy. Combat can be frenetic, with frequent impact sounds, screen-shaking effects, and cries of pain.

The above description is in line with the game’s prior evaluation by the rating board. It’s safe to assume that an Xbox version is on its way, though it’s unclear when that will happen. Given the rating, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is likely to be released on Xbox in the coming months.

Previously, in response to a tweet from a fan who was disappointed by the lack of an Xbox version of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the Ember Lab’s official Twitter account made a reassuring statement. The developer told the fan to “never give up”, suggesting that the game would eventually make its way to Xbox, and that the only likely reason it isn’t already available on the platform is that there was some sort of timed PlayStation console exclusivity in place that had not expired at the time. Going by the new ESRB rating, it looks like Xbox fans won’t have to wait much longer.

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