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Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer Released

Kingdom Hearts 3 has received a new trailer for its upcoming story expansion. This is the ReMind DLC for the game which will be out in Winter 2019.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was the culmination of a trilogy that also spanned multiple spin-offs on various handhelds. It was released after Kingdom Hearts 2 launched back on the PlayStation 2. The game was directed by Tetsuya Nomura who is also the creator for the series. It is a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting a major expansion called ReMind. This one will add a new secret episode, new playable characters and some new scenarios with boss fights. The new trailer debuted at Tokyo Game Show 2019 and has teased the content that is expected in this DLC.

kingdom hearts 3 remind dlc

From the trailer, we can see that there will be multiplayer playable characters and there is a focus on boss fights too. There is a full new DLC episode that has been kept under wraps and it hasn’t been shown in any capacity so far.

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Square Enix first revealed that a DLC will be added to the game after its launch in an interview with the game director Tetsuya Nomura. Kingdom Hearts 3 also has a secret ending that hints at the future for the series. The current story arc might be done but there are still a lot of unanswered questions left for fans.

As for the release date of the ReMind DLC or the pricing, there hasn’t been any information shared on it by Square Enix. It is expected that it will be fairly budget priced release considering this is how Square Enix supported Final Fantasy XV after its launch.

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