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Project Resistance Is a Brand New Multiplayer Resident Evil Game

Capcom has revealed Project Resistance, which is a brand new game in the Resident Evil series. This multiplayer game appears to focus on 4 vs. 1 matches.

Project Resistance was first teased by Capcom before Tokyo Game Show 2019. Rumors about it started to make the rounds online after a recruitment drive happened regarding potential beta testers for a new game. Since this one specifically asked the testers to be a fan of the Resident Evil series, it led to the speculation that this might be a new Resident Evil game.

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As we have reported earlier, this was never going to be a new Outbreak game and it has indeed turned out to be the case. While Capcom hasn’t shared the title of the game, it is now confirmed through the teaser trailer that this will be a game based on the concept of four players teaming up to fight against another single player who might have some evil villain powers.

The trailer shows a group of four survivors trying to make their way through a facility where we can also notice a person trying to raise traps or unleash new beasts on them. This mysterious person is then revealed at the end of the trailer and it turns out this is Mr. X, the famous villain from Resident Evil 2.

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Based on the concept of this trailer, it does look like this will be a 4 vs. 1 multiplayer game but details and gameplay for it are expected to release at Tokyo Game Show 2019, so we will have to wait a while.

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