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New Resident Evil Project Announcement Dated For September 9

Capcom will reveal a brand new Resident Evil game on September 9. The announcement is related to the Resident Evil series with the project codenamed Resistance.

Capcom has been looking for beta testers for their upcoming RE game. It was reported that this announcement won’t be for a brand new Outbreak game. According to ResetERA mod Jawmuncher, it is supposedly a brand new multiplayer game focusing on 4 vs. 1 combat.

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Capcom has tried a variety of different multiplayer Resident Evil games. They have released Operation Racoon City, Outbreak, and Umbrella Corps. They have several spin-offs as well like the Revelations series. The rumor about a new RE game appears to be strictly for a multiplayer project so don’t expect to see an announcement for the next mainline game, or a remake of 3.

resident evil project resistance

The announcement of Project Resistance was made on the official Biohazard Japan twitter account with a link to the website. The announcement will happen on September 9th at 8 AM PT. They will have a big presence for this new game during Tokyo Game Show 2019. Tokyo Game Show 2019 is expected to start on September 12 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Tokyo and will end on September 15.

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In addition to this, rumors point towards Capcom working on multiple projects in the Resident Evil series. One of them is RE8 for the next-generation consoles while the other is a remake of RE3.

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