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Rumor: Resident Evil 8 Will Be Third-Person, Might Bring Back Hook Man, Still Early In Development

Now that Resident Evil 2 is finally out, it is time to talk about the next entry in the series and now rumors are slowly starting to buzz regarding what is currently planned for the next game.

Resident Evil 2 is a major success for Capcom. The game has shipped 3 million copies in its debut week making it a great success for the developers. It was a long-demanded fan remake of the original Resident Evil 2. Capcom has also announced a lot of post-launch support for it beginning with a free DLC that adds a new gameplay mode, and costumes that represent the original PS1 character models.

While Resident Evil 2 was creepy and tense with its Tyrant Mr. X that kept chasing you, this is something that might return with Resident Evil 8 as well.

Evil VR is a twitter account created by someone with access to sources inside Capcom. It was started last year but didn’t really tweet much information until recently. Evil VR also tweeted about Resident Evil 2 getting a demo in January and shared some information on why there was no alternative old school camera available in the game at launch. He has now posted multiple updates on the development status of Resident Evil 2.

Since every rumor has to be taken with a grain of salt, keep this in mind for this one as well. This can be true or it can be likely fake. Even if this is true, the game sounds like it is still in early stage of development so things can change a lot from the concept to reality.

Resident Evil 8 Leak Update: New Details On Resident Evil 8 Project

  • Resident Evil 8 “will take place on a recently-abandoned island where the secret laboratory is located.”
  • The story so far is to “uncover the truth behind the creation of Eveline and more of similar bio-weapons.”
  • “Some concepts from 3.5 (hook-man) will be borrowed for 8.”
  • “Hallucinations will play a big part, getting players confused on what’s real or not.”
  • Capcom is debating on whether they want to make this a mainline game or spin-off.
  • After the praise received by Resident Evil 2, they will go with a third-person camera view.
  • Development on Resident Evil 8 started last year by a small team.
  • Capcom is also discussing Resident Evil 3 Remake internally.
  • Resident Evil 8 will be released only after Resident Evil 3 Remake is out.
  • Capcom has no interest in remaking Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6.

These are the only rumors surrounding Resident Evil 8 so far. They might be fake, or they might be true. It is best to approach this information with caution, although the person who is posting this has a history of sharing information earlier than any official announcement by Capcom. They talked about the Claire reveal for September, which happened at the end of August. Demo out with a trailer on January 11 and the launch trailer dropping on January 24, but these can also be summed up as an educated guess at best.

Source (EvilVR123 – 4)

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