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Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie Requirements: How To Unlock Secret Ending

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret movie is now available to view if you download the new update. The requirements for the ending were teased earlier by the game director, but now they are confirmed in full so have a look at them.

Just like every past Kingdom Hearts game, there is a secret ending that you can view in Kingdom Hearts 3. This time, the requirements are quite simple for it. You can get it on any difficulty setting rather easily. There are three different difficulty modes in Kingdom Hearts 3: Beginner, Standard, and Proud.

How To Unlock Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Ending?

  • Beginner: Find and photograph the 90 lucky marks that resemble Mickey in all of the worlds.
  • Standard: Find and photograph the 60 lucky marks that resemble Mickey in all of the worlds.
  • Proud: Find and photograph the 30 lucky marks that resemble Mickey in all of the worlds.

These lucky emblems are quite difficult to spot in rare cases but for most of them, if you keep an open eye and ear, you should be able to spot them. Your party members can also chat about it if they spot one so make sure to pay close attention to them. If they talk about a lucky mark or hidden mickey, you have to look around with the camera. Some of these will require a special angle in order to take the photo.

You will gain access to the camera in the Twilight Town the first time you make a visit there. The first lucky mark will be spotted in the town and explained by the game. After that, you have to keep an eye out for them in any of the other worlds. To open the camera, you need to press the snap button on Xbox One, or Touchpad on the PS4.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie And How Does It Relate To Verum Rex?

In Kingdom Hearts 3, you will come across a special movie when you first visit the Toy Story world. This movie promotes a game called Verum Rex, which seems to resemble an early game concept of Tetsuya Nomura, the game director of Kingdom Hearts 3. It is pretty much identical to the marketing that he was doing for the game before he was taken off from the project and decided to focus on Kingdom Hearts 3.

Verum Rex has a mysterious character named Yozora who also appears in the secret movie. You can see Riku and Sora both in a modern day city. The mysterious character also appears here sitting atop a building and the movie ends with him making a hearts symbol with his hands. He has colored eyes symbolizing both Sora and Riku, but it is not something new. In the early game concept that Nomura worked on previously, the character Noctis also had similar colored eyes in most promotional shots.

The name Yozora in Kingdom Hearts 3 for the mysterious character translates to “Night Sky” from Japanese to English. Noctis, who is the main character in Final Fantasy XV, his name also translates to “Night” in the same way from Latin to English. There is obviously some link between both since the character design looks similar as well.

Now the movie itself could be for some post-launch DLC that Nomura has planned for the game. He did say that they will release one big DLC but nothing is final yet.

You can play Kingdom Hearts 3 right now on the PS4 and Xbox One. If you have the enhanced consoles, you can enjoy a better frame rate or more stable performance since the game gives the choice for both in the options menu.

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