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League Of Legends Fighter Project L Rumored To Arrive On PlayStation

Riot Game’ League of Legends based fighting game, currently known as Project L, is rumored to arrive on PlayStation.

Fighting game Pro player GamerBeeTW was invited to attend an event dedicated to League of Legends fighter Project L, held by developer Riot Games in Japan, where he learned that the studio had expressed interest in releasing the game on the PlayStation platform. According to the information he gathered, Riot Games is working hard to coordinate with PlayStation with the hope that the game will have the same input lag across all platforms. It would seem that other consoles besides PlayStation are also under consideration.

League of legends project l playstation

GamerBeeTW mentioned that Riot Games showcased a brand new Project L video, after which the developers held a Q&A session with the invited guests. According to him, Riot Games is considering launching Project L on consoles, as the studio is looking for it to have a larger community of players. For the same reason, the barriers to entry have been lowered compared to other fighting games. It was confirmed during the event that Project L would be a free to play title. It will be a live service game, which essentially means that it will continue to receive updates instead of a sequel.

Riot Games is looking to create a 2 vs 2 fighting game with emphasis on speed, powerful attacks, an easy to understand counter system, and distinct visuals. The studio reiterated that it does not want to set the skill bar too high, as it does not want to scare away new players. However, it clarified that veterans need not worry, as Project L will feature plenty of depth for skilled players. The game systems are said to be easy to grasp yet difficult to master.

The demo video showed off a new mechanic called ‘Retreating Guard’, which allows players to cancel a back dash while in defense. Much like in Marvel vs Capcom games, normal moves can be canceled into a jump chain combo or a ground chain combo that ends with a launcher move. Also similar to Marvel vs Capcom is the player’s ability to switch characters mid-combo.

It was also revealed during the event that the development of Project L is far from reaching a point where the studio could conduct a closed beta, let alone a full release.

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