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Xbox Game Pass – Friends and Family Reportedly Priced at $25 [Update]

Microsoft has quietly rolled out the Xbox Game Pass – Friends and Family program in the US at a price. It can be accessed on the Xbox dashboard.

This new subscription plan is aimed at those who want to have multiple users on their account taking the benefit of the Xbox Game Pass. It is similar to Nintendo Switch Online Family Plan which allows a user to add others to their subscription plan to share the service.

As it stands, while there is no official announcement on the Family and Friends subscription coming to Xbox from Microsoft, it is available to view on the Xbox Dashboard.

If we open the announcement, we are presented with a screen that appears to showcase the pricing as well as the details of this plan.

xbox game pass - friends and family

Xbox Game Pass – Friends and Family Price and Details

Update: This plan has been reported to be $25 for the US. The initial pricing that was shared by multiple social media accounts was based on 39.95 NZ$ which converts to $25 in the US.

Update 2: This plan doesn’t appear to be live in the US yet, so we have edited the title accordingly to avoid any confusion. If there is any update on it, we will share it here.

According to the details, one month of Family and Friends subscription will cost approximately $39.95 $25 per month. Here are the benefits listed for the subscription plan.

  • Ultimate benefits shared among 5 friends and family
  • Include friends and family outside your household
  • Enjoy hundreds of games together including new releases on day one
  • Each account gets their own history, achievements, gamertag and saves
  • Play at the same time on console, PC & Cloud
  • With games added all the time, there’s always something new for everyone

This subscription plan was initially rolled out across different countries around the world before it made the jump to the US. There appears to be only one month option for this subscription plan for now.

Microsoft had recently dropped their promotional $1 subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. They are slowly trying to bring more users into their subscription service with offers like the Friends and Family plan and the regular version of Game Pass along with the Ultimate bundle that offers the service for PC, Xbox, and Cloud.

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