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The Last of Us Part 1 Update Released For PC With Critical Fixes

The Last of Us Part 1 continues to get new patches on PC and the latest update has resolved a critical memory leak issue with the game.

Naughty Dog has shared the complete set of patch notes for the new update of The Last of Us Part 1 on PC. While they are continuing to work on optimizing the game, it has still not reached the stage where it would be called a good or decent port of the PS5 release.

This new hotfix for The Last of Us Part I version is now available for PC. This update includes important fixes aimed at improving memory usage, optimizing performance, and resolving the crash on the first boot.

To enhance the gameplay experience, the devs have reduced the PSO cache size to minimize Out of Memory crashes, increased animation streaming memory, and added additional diagnostics for developer tracking purposes.

the last of us update pc

The Last of Us Part 1 Update Patch Notes For PC

  • Decreased PSO cache size to reduce memory requirements and minimize Out of Memory crashes
  • Added additional diagnostics for developer tracking purposes
  • Increased animation streaming memory to improve performance during gameplay and cinematics
  • Fix for crash on first boot

The last update was released just yesterday and it addressed performance issues with the game. There are still plenty of known issues listed for The Last of Us Part 1 so the developers have a long way to go before making sure it is in an acceptable state. You can also check our best settings guide to help with optimization and performance.

The Last of Us Part 1 is the second major release from Naughty Dog for the PC. Their first major project that launched on PC was Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. It was followed by The Last of Us Part 1, although their latest release ended up with issues on PC leading to a huge backlash on platforms like Steam.

The Last of Us Part 1 is out now for PC and PS5.

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