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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide: Location of All Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 3 Gems

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is full of collectibles and its Metroidvania level design means you will backtrack a lot. Here’s how you can find every gem on Floor 3.

While playing Luigi’s Mansion 3, you will discover a large amount of money lying about in the spooky motel. There are gold coins and bars to be found, but the real prize is finding the six hidden jewels on each floor. Some jewels will require specific upgrades but Floor 3 doesn’t need any of them.

How To Get All Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 3 Gems?

Floor 3 Gem 1

This is found near the Spade Key shop. Head to the second floor of the Mall Lobby. Keep heading to the camera to find the railing and a grate that can be opened with Luigi’s airburst ability. Use the elevator and then keeping heading right until you hit the Lobby. Go over the side of the little balcony to uncover a concealed crawl area with a chest containing the first gem.

Floor 3 Gem 2

Head to the first floor of the Mall Lobby. Enter the Heart Key shop and shoot your plunger at the mannequin bust on the left. Pulling on it using the poltergeist G-00 will reveal a secret chamber concealed adjacent to the cash register. Enter to obtain the second gem.

Floor 3 Gem 3

Travel to the location where the security guard ghost dropped the Diamond Key and look for a huge vending machine. You may use your flashlight to see what’s inside the vending machine. The machine will drop an item if you attack it with a fully charged flashlight. To obtain the diamond, you must attempt it six times.

Floor 3 Gem 4

Get to the second floor of the Mall Lobby.  As you walk by Diamond Key Store, look to the left side of the store’s door and flash your black light to create a ladder. In this new area, make your way to the far right, and find jewels amidst a swarm of bats.

Floor 3 Gem 5

You can find this in the restrooms before the gate to the Main Lobby. First, go to the Men’s room and shine your unique dark light on the floor’s left corner. Find the hidden grate and switch to Gooigi to enter it. Turn the water off with the valve and switch back to Luigi. Shine the light on the green button to allow Gooigi to access a tiny pipe that will lead to a mysterious area. This path goes to the women’s room, where the fifth gem may be found.

Floor 3 Gem 6

As Gooigi, enter the Diamond Shop and use the diamond key on the cash register. You will see that a ghost has stolen the Heart key and you have to find them to obtain it.  After you’ve defeated all of the ghosts and obtained the Heart Key. You have to suck a suitcase and then throw it on the glass contained the hidden gem to get the last one on Floor 3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It is available now through the Nintendo eShop digitally or through a retail shop.

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