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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Guide: Location of All Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 3 Gems

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is full of collectibles and its Metroidvania level design means you will backtrack a lot. Here’s how you can find every gem on Floor 3.

As you play Luigi’s Mansion 3 you will find a lot of money laying around in the haunted hotel. There are gold coins and bars which can be found easily, but the main prize is to find the six hidden gems on each floor. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, levels are divided into floors. The third floor is filled with the hotel’s beautiful fancy shops. You can get all the six gems without any need for upgrades or powers on this floor.

How To Get All Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 3 Gems?

Floor 3 Gem 1

You can find this gem on the second floor close to the Spade Key store in the Mall Lobby. Once you are there, keep moving towards the camera until you reach the railing. Walk a little to the left side and you can find a grate which is slightly open. You will have to use Luigi’s air burst (ZL+ZR) to open up this area. Then follow the way to the right until you reach the lobby by using the elevator. Then cross over the edge of the small balcony there you will find a hidden crawl space with a chest in it. Open the chest to get the first gem.

Floor 3 Gem 2

The second gem is located on the first floor of the Mall Lobby. Go inside the Heart Key store on the first floor then fire your plunger at the mannequin bust to your left. Pull-on it with the poltergeist G-00 and it will open up a secret room hidden next to the cash counter. Go inside to get the second gem. You will find the second gem laying on the pipe seen near the top right of the screen. Suck it down to claim it as your own.

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Floor 3 Gem 3

This is hidden in plain sight and should be easy. To get the third gem you will have to go where the security guard ghost dropped the Diamond Key there will be a large vending machine. You can use your flashlight on the vending machine. If you hit the machine with a fully charged flashlight it will drop an item. Hit the machine again with flashlight shot each time the machine will spit out an item. You will have to try six times to get the gem. Keep in mind that if you the machine for the fifth time with a flashlight, it will lead to a swarm of rats.

Floor 3 Gem 4

The fourth gem is on the second floor of the Mall Lobby. As you head towards the far left side past Diamond Key Store, look at the left side of the store’s entrance and shine your special dark light to make a ladder. In order to completely form the ladder, you have to suck all the dark light balls as it is the case with disappeared objects. You can climb up on the ladder to find a new area. Here make your way to the far right and you will encounter bats on your way to the gem. After dealing with the bats, you can find a gem on the far right side along with coins.

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Floor 3 Gem 5

This gem is discovered near the bathrooms before the gate to Main Lobby. First head to the Men’s room and use your special dark light on the left corner of the floor. By shining the dark light, you can find a grate that is hidden. As usual, suck all the dark balls to fully form the grate. Switch to Gooigi or use another player in coop mode to enter the grate and find the valve on your left. You have to turn the valve in order to shut the water off in the next room.

After turning the valve, swap back to Luigi and use your flashlight on the green button on your left. This will unlock a small pipe for Gooigi which he can use to access a secret location. This location leads to the women’s room where you can find the fifth gem.

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Floor 3 Gem 6

This is found in the Diamond Shop and if you are observant, it is easily seen on the glass cases holding jewelry. Go inside the Diamond Shop as Gooigi and then use the diamond key on the cash register in the back left corner. This will start a cinematic and show ghost nabbing the heart key. When you will regain control of Gooigi, you have to fight these ghosts. After defeating all the ghosts and getting the Heart Key, you have to shoot a plunger on one of the large suitcases. Suck the plunger into Poltergust G-00, but don’t hit it right away instead drag and bring the suitcase to the large display case with the gem. Position Gooigi’s face towards the case with the last gem in it and the press A. Gooigi will slam the suitcase on the glass and the glass will shatter and you can grab the last gem.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It is available now through the Nintendo eShop digitally or through a retail shop.

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