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Modern Warfare Update 1.06: What’s New and What Are Patch Notes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update 1.06 was released today by Infinity Ward. Here’s what you need to know about this update including any patch notes.

Activision and Infinity Ward have continued to release new updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since the game launch on October 25. The game had a 40 GB day one update and more patches continued to add to the file size making it bigger with every subsequent update. As it is usual with most of these patches for this game, the download size is under 2 GB on PS4 and Xbox One while it weighs in at 7 GB on PC.

This update will patch Modern Warfare to version 1.06 on PS4. Infinity Ward is usually quick to release patch notes for their games but in the case of Modern Warfare 1.06, they haven’t shared anything regarding the bug fixes. As a result, while there are no official patch notes available for now, we do have a list of the new changes that have been implemented in this update.

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Modern Warfare 1.06 Notes

  • Kill Confirmed has been reportedly added
  • Night Vision mode reportedly added
  • Free-for-all mode reportedly added

We will share any official patch notes once they are confirmed by Infinity Ward. While the developers did promise a fix for crashes related to the game on PC, it is still not confirmed to be a part of this new patch on PC.

“Fixes are currently being worked on by numerous teams between IW and Beenox. We have a few updates we’re working on that should improve the stability and help prevent against crashes or any other issue you may encounter,” said a statement shared by Activision support.

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It looks like those who are playing the game on PC have to wait a little longer to get an update that will fix their issue with the game crashing on PC.

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