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MADiSON Riddled With Bugs And Crashing Issues On PlayStation And Xbox

First-person psychological horror game MADiSON is riddled with game breaking bugs and crashing issues on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game was released in this state on July 8, 2022.

Based on reports from many people who purchased MADiSON at launch, the game suffers from major bugs, including crashing issues, random freezes, and black screen errors on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The developer, Perp Games has acknowledged the issues and released a new update to tackle the issues. However, players are now reporting that patch 1.4 completely bricks the game, leaving it in a state that prevents it from being launched.

While the aforementioned crashing issues in MADiSON generally occur at random, some users have specifically reported their occurrence to be associated with unlocking PSN trophies and Xbox achievements. To make matters worse, the game also has a bug that corrupts your save file, rendering your progress useless. It’s likely to occur when you save your progress and quit the game. At this point, your save file may get wiped out and you may end up returning to the very beginning of the game.

We urge players who are facing these technical problems in MADiSON on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S to contact PlayStation or Xbox support and request a refund, as the game’s current state more than justifies it.

When it works, MADiSON is a first person psychological horror game that aims to deliver an immersive and terrifying experience. Players assume the role of a character named Luca, who has to endure the brute torture of a demon named MADiSON. The latter plans to complete a gory ritual that began decades ago, making him commit abominable acts. With the help of an instant camera, players can connect the human world with the beyond, take pictures and develop them in order to solve puzzles, explore surroundings and, most importantly, survive.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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