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Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web Multiplayer Game May Resurface As Another New Game

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac Games’ canceled multiplayer game, Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web, may resurface as another game, based on the latest rumor.

Twitter/X insider Silknigth, who is known for leaking the arrival of Ghost of Tsushima on PC as well as the contents of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s recent State of Play presentation, has suggested that Insomniac Games’ canceled multiplayer title, Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web, may yet see the light of day albeit as or as part of a different project.

Marvel's spider-man the great web multiplayer

The insider mentioned that they don’t usually comment on stolen information, but the community asserting so decisively that the unannounced multiplayer Spider-Man title has been canceled doesn’t seem right to them. According to them, the development of games goes through many phases, and, over time, projects often transform into something different or become part of something else. As such, they have suggested that the same may have happened with Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web.

Recently, a leaked trailer from the canceled project had found its way on the internet. It The showed Peter Parker teaming up with Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy to protect the neighborhood from mobs and supervillains, including Doctor Octopus, Rhino, and Venom. The trailer was allegedly found among the stolen Insomniac Games’ data, where it is mentioned that Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web was intended as a live service game, but was eventually scrapped. The trailer also features voice overs by Yuri Lowenthal.

Venom is seen as a playable character in the footage, suggesting that Spider-Man: The Great Web may have featured some sort of a PvP component in addition to the co-op gameplay that the trailer mainly focuses on. Venom voice actor Tony Todd had mentioned at the recent Fan Expo in San Francisco that Insomniac Games only used 10% of his voice lines recorded for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, suggesting that the cut content may have been saved for other projects, such as this Spider-Man live service game.

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