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Microsoft Closes Loophole For Cheaper Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft has closed a loophole for getting a cheaper Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through EA Play subscription as confirmed by an update on the support website.

When EA Play was introduced as part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription last year, it led to a loophole where it was possible to redeem 1 year of EA Play at $30 for 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate. This deal was essentially a loophole because 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate is basically double the price of 1 year of EA Play.

In a new update that was posted on the support FAQ on the official website, it has been confirmed that now 1 year of EA Play will convert to just 2 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can redeem EA Play codes for the Xbox console, but they will automatically convert and extend their Game Pass Ultimate subscription. One month of EA Play will extend an Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 10 days, and a one-year EA Play code will extend an Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 2 months.

xbox game pass ultimate ea play

This is a recent update because it was possible to get a cheaper Game Pass Ultimate using this loophole, but that has been closed now. Technically, it should still apply to Xbox Live Gold which makes it possible to get one year of Gold and then convert to the Ultimate bundle.

Game Pass Ultimate includes a lot of services like EA Play, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass for PC and Xbox consoles. In addition to this, there is also an xCloud subscription available in the bundle offering console games on Smartphones using Cloud streaming.

Game Pass Ultimate is available in a bundle for $15 per month which amounts to roughly $180 per year. It was possible to get it cheaper using loopholes like Xbox Live Gold and EA Play, but one of them has been purged by Microsoft now.

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