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Microsoft Middle East Reduces Xbox Series X Price In Response To PS5

Microsoft has reportedly reduced the price of the Xbox Series X in response to Sony’s PlayStation 5 after the company shared its price last week.

Sony announced the price of their next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, last week. They are selling the diskless version for $399 and the disc version for $499. This pricing is similar to the Xbox Series X while the Xbox Series S is cheaper at $299.

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While this price might be valid for the United States, it didn’t apply to other regions or countries like Dubai. The console was reportedly priced higher than the PS5. It had a pre-order price of 2149 AED for Xbox Series X and 1249 AED for Xbox Series S. This converts to roughly $585 and $340 respectively.

xbox series x price dubai

After Sony announced the price for the PS5, Microsoft had to match Sony because of the higher price tag. The PS5 is priced at 2099 AED or roughly $571 which has promoted Microsoft to slash their price for XSX to $2099 AED to match the PS5. It appears that Microsoft has learned their lessons from the previous generation because originally the Xbox One was priced higher in Dubai just like now, but this is not the case anymore with both consoles launching at a similar price point.

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It should be noted that compared to the Xbox platform, there are more users with a PlayStation console in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East. The console enjoys a larger number of fans compared to the Xbox which also paved the way for PS4 leading the charge in console sales in the Middle East.

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