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New Miles Morales Promotional Art Teases a Famous Spider-Man Villain

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will include new and some returning villains. One of the villains has been now teased in promotional artwork.

While Insomniac Games has confirmed some of the villains that will be a part of the upcoming Miles Morales expansion, there is still a lot of them that are not confirmed as of yet. If you want to avoid story spoilers, it is time to leave the article because there might be potential story spoilers regarding a major villain.

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Those who have read the comics for Miles Morales know that The Prowler is a major character in Miles’ story. He is now confirmed to be a part of the game in an unfinished piece of promotional artwork that was captured by a Twitter user.

While there have been several characters that played the role of Prowler in the comics for Marvel’s Spider-Man, there can be only one when it comes to Miles Morales. It is Aaron Davis, the uncle of Miles, who plays the role of The Prowler in the Ultimate Marvel comics. Aaron Davis wasn’t mentioned in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man so this is likely going to be a new character for this upcoming standalone game.

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The Prowler uses various tech like an electric suit, a winged suit, and electric gauntlets that he has taken from Oscorp. It remains to be seen how Insomniac Games will deal with The Prowler in the game, however, this shows that there can be plenty of family drama with Miles going against his uncle.

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