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Monster Hunter Rise Frame Rate Is Great On Switch But at the Cost of Poor Resolution

Monster Hunter Rise demo is available on the Nintendo Switch for a limited time. It is a good way to test the game, and the first impressions are great.

For those who haven’t managed to grab it, the demo will be available for a limited time. If you want to find out more about the game, make sure to download this limited Monster Hunter Rise demo. It comes with four playable quests including two hunts and 14 different weapons. There is a limit of 30 hunts but this can be removed as well.

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VGTech has shared a technical analysis of the Nintendo Switch version of MH Rise revealing the frame rate and resolution. Have a look at it below.

According to their findings, the game in Docked mode renders at a resolution of approximately 1344×756 while the UI renders at 1920×1080. It is a different case in the Portable mode, where it runs at a resolution of approximately 960×540 and renders the UI at 1280×720.

This resolution feels quite poor but this is the limitation of the Nintendo Switch hardware. Fortunately, the game runs at a solid 30 FPS as per the analysis of the demo, but obviously, some of the more intensive hunts might tell a clear picture once the game arrives on March 19, 2021.

monster hunter rise fps resolution

In one of the earlier Capcom leaks, it was mentioned that MH Rise is a timed exclusive to the Nintendo Switch which means that the game might end up getting a PC port later down the line. The timed exclusivity was mentioned as six months after the launch of the product, so if you can wait this long, the PC version might brute force through any of the resolution and frame rate limits, assuming the leaked plans still hold any water.

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