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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Will Feature Post-Game Content

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will offer post-game content allowing the players to continue enjoying the game even after they have finished it.

In a new interview with Famitsu, Kenji Oguro has talked about the extra content for the game including post-game and the behavior of monsters.

Kenji mentions how those who have played the previous Monster Hunter games will be able to figure out the weakness of a particular monster just by playing the game and learning from their experience.

“We didn’t include random elements in the monster behavior in this game, which had a delicate reputation in the previous game. We’ve adjusted it so that if you know the behavior patterns, you can attack them unilaterally, ” said Kenji Oguro.

monster hunter stories 2 post-game

“I thought it was too easy. We thought it might be too easy, but as we kept making adjustments, we ended up with a very fun battle system with just the right amount of tension and exhilaration.”

He also mentions that those who complete the game will have additional challenges and content to look forward to. He didn’t elaborate on the content but assured fans that they won’t be disappointed.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be out on July 9 for PC and Nintendo Switch. It also has tie-ins with Monster Hunter Rise so those who have played both games will be able to benefit from the additional bonus content like costumes for the lead characters.

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