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Next Mass Effect May Not Be An Open World Game

The next entry in EA and Bioware’s Mass Effect action role-playing game series may not be an open world game, based on the latest rumor.

Speaking during the latest episode of The Xbox Two, co-host Jez Corden mentioned hearing from his sources that the next Mass Effect game will drop the open world design of Mass Effect: Andromeda in favor of a return to the classic format.

Mass effect open world

Corden admitted that he doesn’t know if the information is 100% accurate, but added that the rumor has been making the rounds in the industry. Take that as you will, but the idea of the Mass Effect series returning to the classic non-open world format certainly sounds compelling to us. Open world design doesn’t necessarily work well for every kind of game.

Previously, in a blog post on N7 Day, BioWare had shared a mysterious teaser video for the new Mass Effect title, and it had been decoded to reveal a hidden audio message. The character speaking in the audio message appeared to be none other than Liara T’soni. She was heard saying, “The Council will be furious. Although, they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance.” There is talk of human defiance, which may be one of the focal story points in the new Mass Effect game. Only time will tell how the story will pan out, however.

Earlier, Bioware had denied Commander Shepard’s involvement in the next Mass Effect game after a listing on the official gear store hinting at a return for the iconic series protagonist. This raised more questions surrounding the character’s return. The listing in question is for a lithograph titled Mysteries From the Future. The description of said store listing was promptly edited out to exclude any mention of Commander Shepard. Whether they have a role to play in the next Mass Effect game remains shrouded in mystery, but this slip up suggests that there’s more to it than a simple error.

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