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Nier Automata Has a Secret Cheat Code That Was Hidden For Years

Nier Automata fans might be surprised to know that there was a hidden cheat code that is finally found today by a modder letting the player unlock everything.

Lance McDonald is a famous modder among the Soulsborne community and he has also worked on other games including God of War, bringing together mods that allowed him to go out of bounds or toggle various camera effects to show things that are not possible to spot normally.

In an update shared by Lance McDonald today, he revealed the discovery of a secret cheat code that was hidden in the opening of Nier Automata.

This allows the user to skip to the end of the game automatically while also unlocking all bonus modes. Some might think that this is an unintentional glitch but according to Lance McDonald, this is actually hardcoded into the game engine so the chance of this being a secret is higher rather than a glitch.

Lance McDonald hasn’t mentioned the actual cheat code, but he promised that a video will be made on how to execute it in the game. Update: The video is available to view now.

Back in 2018, during one of the interviews with the developers that was translated by Gematsu, we learned that there is still a secret hidden in the game that the fans have yet to discover on their own. The existence of this cheat code might have proved that this last secret is finally found.

Nier Automata has sold more than 5 million copies. It is one of the best-selling games developed by Platinum Games.

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