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Ninja Theory Confirms Hellblade 2 Demo Was Running In Real-Time

Ninja Theory showcased Hellblade 2 with a gameplay demo during The Game Awards 2021. It was later confirmed to be running in real-time.

Hellblade 2 is using the latest iteration of Unreal Engine 5. It is being released exclusively for the Xbox Series consoles and PC. The game is in development at Ninja Theory who is working on a sequel after the first one received critical acclaim.

In a tweet, the audio director at Ninja Theory confirmed that the gameplay demo that was debuted at The Game Awards 2021 was running all in real-time using the engine that they are using for this sequel.

The audio director also mentioned that all the 3D sounds that they have used in the demo are from Project acoustics and spatial audio.

Hellblade 2 is currently in development for the Xbox Series and PC. It will also make its debut on Xbox Game Pass just like every other major first-party game from Microsoft.

Ninja Theory was an independent studio until they were acquired by Microsoft. They worked on the first Hellblade completely independently and launched it as a timed exclusive for the PS5. The sequel has removed Sony’s PlayStation as a platform and will release on PC and Xbox Series.

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