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Nintendo 3DS System Update 11.14.0-46U Is Out, Here Are The Details

Nintendo 3DS has been updated to system software version 11.14.0-46U. This was released almost one year since the last firmware update.

According to the official support website, there doesn’t appear to be any major change for this update. It is mainly for improving the stability and performance of the system.

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However, despite the official changelog listing no change, we have a confirmation of what has been altered in this update through the 3DS homebrew scene.

Nintendo 3DS Update 11.14.0-46U Changelog

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

The list of what was changed is a bit technical especially if you have not delved into the homebrew scene on the Nintendo 3DS, but regardless, here are the changes as listed by the 3DShomebrew scene.

  • Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA
  • CVer
  • SSL system-modul
  • friends system-module
  • Web browser Data
  • New3DS Internet Browser
  • New3DS NVer

It appears this has to mainly do with some under-the-hood fixes that are potentially involved in stopping the firmware of the console from getting hacked in order to enable homebrew access. The complete 3DS security was blown apart by hackers so it is not a big surprise to see Nintendo resort to such system software updates.

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