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Nintendo Direct May Be Set For Sometime In February 2024, Sony’s State Of Play In “A Few Weeks”

Nintendo may be hosting a new Direct in February 2024, which a State of Play presentation from Sony may be upcoming in “a few weeks”, based on the latest rumor.

Speaking during the latest episode of Giant Bomb’s BombCast, co-host Jeff Grubb, who is known for his sources within the game industry, stated that he’s heard about Nintendo holding a Direct presentation sometime in February, 2024. Additionally, he expects PlayStation to hold a State of Play presentation in “a few weeks”.

Nintendo direct february 2024

Grubb mentioned that we can always count on a Nintendo Direct in February, and that it will be no different this year. Regarding Sony’s State of Play, he said that it is also coming soon. He doesn’t know when exactly, but he expects it in the next few weeks.

He also shared what we can expect from PlayStation’s upcoming digital event. He said that one always gets the sense that these are just contractual obligations. He explained that Sony tends to agree on free marketing with companies for their games, and, therefore, fulfills an obligation with these presentations. As such, he said that these State of Play events could end up being disappointing.

As for the upcoming Nintendo Direct in February, 2024, Grubb didn’t have much to share about it. Whether the console maker will share any details on the Switch successor is anyone’s guess. Taiwain’s Economic Daily reported a new rumor regarding hardware specs for the Nintendo Switch 2, including details regarding the handheld’s display. The source mentioned that the company is expected to launch the new Switch this year in 2024, as per market expectations. However, due to constraints such as global inflation, the new product will retail for a $100 more than the Nintendo Switch, bringing its price to 400 US Dollars. According to the source, given how the Switch has never undergone a major hardware upgrade since its launch, the market expects that Nintendo is likely to launch its new console in the second half of this year.

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