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Nintendo Switch 2 Rumored Release Date, SKUs, Features & Price Revealed

The rumored release date, SKUs, and retail price of the successor to the Nintendo Switch, dubbed Switch 2, have been revealed.

The rumor comes from an individual who goes by the name of SoldierDelta on Discord and Famiboards. They have provided The Snitch with leaks on Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin and the development of a God of War: Ragnarok DLC in the past. According to them, the Nintendo Switch 2 has an internal release date of September 24, 2024. However, there’s also an additional fallback release date of November 3, 2024, in case everything doesn’t go according to plan.

Nintendo switch 2 release date price

SoldierDelta mentioned that “NG” is the console’s codename, and that he has been told it’s not a codename from Nintendo, rather on that seems to be given to developers. In addition to the release date, he revealed that the Nintendo Switch 2 will launch with 2 SKUs, starting at the price of $400 for the Digital model and $449 for the Premium model. Though, he did add that the price point is still subject to change. His source also told him that the console with offer some AR features, and that it doesn’t appear to have an OLED screen.

Nintendo switch 2 release date price

Furthermore, SoldierDelta stated that Nintendo is seemingly drastically increasing the internal storage for both SKUs due to the existence of the digital only version. According to him, the console maker doesn’t want only a “high-end” console that’s unaffordable to more casual consumers, and having a slightly cheaper “entry level” model would keep a larger segment of the market interested.

Regarding third-party releases, he said that the Gamescom “Demo” that happened in August was essentially to gauge interest from third-party publishers/developers. As such, Nintendo is giving developers around a year to test the console’s hardware capabilities and ready a title for launch.

Previously, during an interview with Nikkei, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the company’s focus for the current financial year ending in March, 2024, is the Switch, and that it will continue to support the console in the next financial year ending in March, 2025. Furukawa‘s statement implies that Switch 2 will become the primary focus for Nintendo heading into the year 2024. The console is, therefore, expected to launch in the same year with a lineup of games that have yet to be revealed.

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