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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.0.3 Messes Up Downloads, Removed From Servers

Nintendo has pulled down the most recent Nintendo Switch firmware update 12.0.3 that appears to have caused an issue with downloads.

Earlier today, a small update was released for the Nintendo Switch. According to known data miners, this update appears to have made changes including additions to the bad words list, an update to the SSL security, and an update to the OS/kernel level. This was removed by Nintendo after widespread reports of this update messing up downloads/patches on the Nintendo Switch.

While this is not confirmed and merely a theory, it appears that the new SSL update could have messed up how the Nintendo Switch received patches or connected to the server, which was what led some people to see errors like 2123-1502.

It is not quite known why Nintendo missed such a major flaw but SSL is usually tricky so maybe they weren’t able to test it in time.

If you have already updated to the new firmware, there is no reason to worry about any issues. If you are unable to download new games or patches, wait a while because a new firmware update will certainly follow up to clear any mess that has been left behind.

nintendo switch firmware 12.0.3

If you haven’t updated your Nintendo Switch, there is no reason to worry about any changes as things will work as intended. The firmware has been pulled back so you won’t get a prompt to update your console.

Let us know if you have installed this new firmware and are facing issues in the comments below. While there is no ETA on when the new update will be out, it shouldn’t take this much time.

There are rumors of Nintendo announcing a new hardware iteration for the Switch later at E3. This will be an advanced model that will offer 4K support and feature a bigger screen. It is reportedly set to launch later this year.

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