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Nintendo Switch System Update 8.0.1 Is Out But It Is Disappointing

Nintendo Switch has received a new system update today bumping the firmware version to 8.0.1. It is a minor incremental update that implements some stability related fixes.

Nintendo Switch firmware 8.0.1 is for improving system stability. In most cases, it usually boils down to minor changes or bugs that might be introduced with a new update.

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As Nintendo has just released a major firmware update for the Nintendo Switch this month, this could coincide with it. It could be the introduction of some new bugs that went unnoticed and will be fixed now. Regardless, here is what the official changelog has mentioned in the update notes.

Improvements Included in Version 8.0.1 (Distributed 04/23/2019):

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

If you are looking for some secret feature that has been added with the update, it has usually proven to be not the case, especially when Nintendo is directly stating that they are releasing this firmware for stability improvements.

If you want to know more about the Nintendo Switch, there are rumors about a potential new hardware revision launching later this year. It is possibly going to be cheaper than the current hardware model.

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As noted by some players, if you were having issues after the last update, it is possible that they might be solved with this firmware. One such issue was with the controllers not working after updating to the latest firmware, and this could be resolved with the new system update.

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