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Report: Nintendo Will Release a Smaller and More Portable Version of Nintendo Switch This Fall

Nintendo is reportedly working on a smaller and more portable version of the Nintendo Switch which is targeting a release this fall. This is according to a new report from Japanese publication Nikkei which also revealed the next-generation plans of Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch is a portable and console hybrid system that has proven to be a great success for the company. It is selling a lot faster than their previous console, Nintendo Wii U. One aspect of the console, which makes it lag behind its competitors, is the hardware. It is powered by the Tegra hardware developed by Nvidia and has limited potential next to the PS4 and Xbox One.

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The report states that Nintendo is already producing a next-generation iteration of the Switch hardware and will release a smaller version of the Switch hardware later this fall. Despite some early reports, this version can be docked to play on the big screen and it is not just a portable version of the Switch hardware.

Nintendo is also planning to release a next-generation iteration of the Nintendo Switch hardware which is likely aiming to offer more power to the developers. This is still quite early in development as Nintendo hasn’t settled on a design for it. They are still working out the details as per the report so it won’t be released this year.

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