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Nintendo Switch To Get a New Virtual Console Adding Nintendo Gameboy Advance – Report

Nintendo might add a new virtual console for the Nintendo Switch according to a new rumor. This is supposedly getting an announcement soon.

The first indication of such an update appears to be related to the Nintendo NES Online and Nintendo SNES Online virtual console updates. Both of these have been patched to a new version even though there are no new games released for them. Nintendo usually updates the virtual console app on the Switch if they are adding new features or new games to the library.

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The other report regarding Nintendo adding a new virtual console comes from a user on the ResetERA forums. The user has shared an image of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance along with the message that suggests that an announcement might be due on Tuesday.

nintendo switch virtual console rumor

Nintendo added the NES Online virtual console first to the Nintendo Switch that was followed by SNES Online. Both of these continue to get new games but there have been rumors about a new console coming to the Nintendo Online subscription for a while now. Before the launch of the Switch, the rumors suggested that Nintendo was going as far as to add N64 and Gameboy Advance support, which was also the case with the Nintendo Wii U. This didn’t end up being the case after the Switch launched.

If this new report turns out to be true, we might found out about it as soon as tomorrow. In any case, take this with a grain of salt. There have been plenty of rumors regarding Nintendo products in the past and not all of them have turned out to be true. Rumors regarding a new Metroid, Mother 3, and other games like Zelda Skyward Sword haven’t turned out to be true so far, but this may as well be a case of COVID-19 delaying the plans of Nintendo.

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