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No Man’s Sky Update 2.07 Brings Many New Fixes From PC Build

No Man’s Sky fans have received another update today to version 2.07. Hello Games has confirmed that this includes the fixes from the experimental patches on PC.

No Man’s Sky Beyond was one of the largest updates for the game which dropped this month. It was followed by reports from the players that the game is crashing for them. This led to a frequency of new updates from Hello Games in order to resolve the issue with the crashes on both PC and Consoles.

No Man’s Sky official website has the patch notes for the latest experimental game update, which goes up to version 2.06g on PC. Consoles owners were supposed to get all of the fixes included in these experimental updates so judging from the patch notes, here’s what is included in No Man’s Sky update 2.07 for PS4 and Xbox One, and update 2.06g for PC.

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No Man’s Sky Update 2.07 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Reduce texture quality if it is causing an out of memory error.
  • Don’t let the VR player punch in places they aren’t allow to use weapons.
  • Revert to the non-device-local heap in low memory situations.
  • Removed misleading version number from main menu.
  • Fix to prevent issues with base ownership.
  • Improve messaging for error messaging at start-up.
  • Fix for freighter crash related to corrupt ship slot.
  • Fix for crash when game is shutting down on certain GFX cards.
  • Fix for crash failing to initialising graphics card on specific mix of card and driver.
  • Deal with game initialising while minimized.
  • Fixed a networking issue that could cause bad data to be synced between ambient players.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with a specific revision of nVidia drivers.
  • Fix for a matchmaking threading crash.
  • Prevention of players orphaned in a lobby.
  • Dynamically limit base building limits to allow some very large bases to load in more situations.
  • Adjust GFX memory budgets to improve stability.

Hello Games is still continuing to release more updates for the game. They push out multiple patches for the experimental branch of No Man’s Sky every week and also work on PS4 and Xbox One updates in the meanwhile. Beyond update has added a lot of new content to the game and the best part is that this was a free content update.

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