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Nvidia To Launch GTX 1160 Alongside RTX 2060 According To A New Report

Nvidia has started to transition to a new generation of graphics cards with their RTX series, but they are returning one last time to GTX by launching a new model for it alongside RTX 2060.

This might sound strange for now but knowing Nvidia, it won’t be unexpected. The biggest feature of the new RTX graphics cards is not the performance but their ability to run games with Ray Tracing. This is still a new technology that will take a while before it catches up, so in such case, launching a new graphics card that belongs to the GTX family might make some sense.

As reported by PCGamesN, this new line of graphics cards is going to be middle of the road for Nvidia. They are launching a new GTX 11 series but it is still speculation for now. The more substantial part of the rumor claims that these are still going to be based on the new Turing architecture but without the support of Ray Tracing built into the hardware. If this ends up being the case, then they might be the next affordable set of graphics cards for those who just want to build a gaming PC without having an interest in Ray Tracing.

As it is the case with such early reports, they are always taken with a heavy dose of some salt. If you want to buy a new GPU, it is best to wait and see what kind of strategy Nvidia will take for their next series of graphics cards.

Salal Awan

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