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Overwatch 2 LC-208 Error Fix In The Works, Coming Out Soon

A fix for the LC-208 error that is currently plaguing Overwatch 2 servers is in the works, and will be coming out soon.

Blizzard has assured that a fix for the LC-208 error in Overwatch 2, which does not allow players to login to servers and play the game, is currently in the works. Fans should expect a fix to arrive soon.

Overwatch 2 lc-208 fix

According to a Technical Forum Agent on the Blizzard forums, the development team is aware that this has returned after the most recent server maintenance. The studio is currently looking into a fix for the issue, though it does not have any workarounds or additional information to share at this point in time. The forum agent assured fans that the development team will hopefully be able to fix up the LC-208 error soon so that everyone can login and play.

Overwatch 2 was officially released on October 4th. The game has shifted the series to a seasonal model where Blizzard plan to deliver new content to the game every nine weeks. There is a lot to discover in each season, including fresh experiences and ways to play. Typically, each season brings either a fresh hero or a fresh map. A new Battle Pass will be released for each season, each with a different theme and up to 80+ unlockable tiers of cosmetics. To ensure that everything always feels new and distinct, the studio also intends to make a majority of the hero balance changes at the beginning of each season.

With this new seasonal model, loot boxes are no longer available in Overwatch 2. Instead, you can use the new virtual currency, Overwatch Coins, to buy exactly what you want from the new in-game shop. Every week, all players will have access to the shop’s featured cosmetic items; in Season One, many of these cosmetics will have a cyberpunk theme. Different themes will be used for cosmetics in upcoming seasons.

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